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The Greyhound "legging"


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Thanks to Laura in Houston for the following:


As with the "greyhound speedo", necessity inspired another "Who would have thunk it?" tool. The "greyhound legging"...


Recently, our non-greyhound, Max, got a scrape on his leg that he constantly licked to the point of rawness. Ointments disappeared, bandages slipped and the area just got bigger. As it happens, a greyhound friend of ours, Travis, is going through the same thing so I thought I would give this suggestion that has worked for us for years with our greys, and non-greys alike.


Take an old pair of sweatpants and lie them down on a flat surface. Measuring from the bottom on one of the legs, mark off the length needed to cover most of your dog's injured leg. At that mark make a cut, through both layers, across into the leg fabric on both sides just a few inches and then turn the scissors 90 degrees, cutting straight up to the waistband. Then cut across the top, releasing the pants leg from the rest of the sweats. You now have the bottom part of the sweatpants, with elastic "cuff", with 2 long, cloth extensions, kinda like suspenders.


Slip the sweatspants leg onto the injured leg of your pup and use the long lengths of fabric on either side to tie in between the legs and over the dog's shoulders, or back, in a comfortable manner. The stretchiness of the fabric allows for freedom of movement and yet covers the wound enabling it to breath and stay dry giving it a chance to heal. The "suspenders" may need to be adjusted periodically since they will stretch with wear. Do the same thing to the other sweatpants leg and you have a spare to use while the other is in the wash. (If your dog is on the smaller side, you may need to use children's sweatpants where length would not be an issue but adult sweatpants would be too baggy, particularly after they stretch a little.)


This works with all the dog's legs but is somtimes a bit trickier with the back legs of males because of the extra equipment. This is just a matter of removing the legging when the he-grey is relieving himself and put back on afterwards. (Note: When used on a back leg, it gives the dog the appearance of wearing bloomers, or half of one. Expand on this idea at Halloween and you have a great beginning for an Arabian Nights / Scheharezade (sp?) costume.)


Since our dogs have always followed "out of sight, out of mind", this has been a noteworthy solution for us. We hope you have the same success. And, as always, this does not take the place of sound veterinarian advise and care.

Diane & The Senior Gang

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That's a really good idea...I think this topic needs to go to the "greyt information" section once it starts slipping to the bottom :)

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