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Remembering Charlie

Guest btamarin

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Guest btamarin

Cali is my very first dog and we have fallen in love with her. My mother asked me the other day "What will you do when she dies?" I thought that was a strange question...


I didn't want to think about it and then my mother told me about her first and only dog, Charlie, a dachsund she had when she was growing up in Missouri. The memories of that dog, from 45 years ago- were so strong that she started crying.


She remembered how when she came home from 6 months abroad in Paris, that Charlie was so happy to see her that he threw up all over her new, suede French shoes.


She remembered how Charlie slept in her bed, with his head on her pillow, and she'd wake up each morning to him licking her face with his terrible doggy breath.


She remembered Charlie biting her little brother's diapers, always dragging him around by the diapers!!


She remembered how Charlie ( who was blind in one eye ) had no depth perception and walked at angle all the time - incapable of walking in a straight line - so he had worn lines into the wallpaper from continually walking against it, on both sides.


She also remembered watching him cross the bridge in their living room - he was 11 and died in her arms, licking her hand.


She never told me that story before - though I had seen pictures of Charlie and she mentioned how much he meant to her. It's amazing, 45 years later and the sweet memories she had of that dog.


Each day we have with our dogs is filling in pages of a memory book we will look back upon, for the rest of our lives. My heart goes out to all of you who have lost a pet - recently or 45 years ago...

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Thanks for sharing :)

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Hugs to your Mom...Charlie will always remain in her heart until they meet again... :f_red

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Guest FullMetalFrank

Thank you for sharing that (although I am crying now!) My Mom had a couple of dogs when she was a kid, Casey, a border collie, and Sam, a Chesapeake Bay retriever and she loved them so much. She has pictures of them and tells stories of some of the things they did, and yes, she tears up when she speaks of having lost them. Casey, I think, died of old age but her precious Sam was shot by a farmer who suspected him of chasing his sheep. They lived out in the country on a cattle ranch; they used to throw rocks off the bridge into the creek and Sam could fetch the correct rock every time, underwater... I never got to know either of her wonderful dogs but her stories keep them alive, too.

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Guest KnoxGreytMommy

My mom had dogs off and on during her life. Two in particular stood out for her.


The first was a wired-haired terrier named Jitt when she was a young woman in Chicago. She adored Jitt and I have a portrait of her with Jitt as well as the photograph it was painted from. She had wonderful tales of trying to get Jitt to do his "duty" during blizzards.


The second was Sugar, a small white mutt. Mom had Sugar when she was in her 70s in Columbus, Texas. She took Sugar out for a walk on a leash, but one day decided that Sugar would really love to run. And run she did, right into the path of a speeding pickup which hit her and just kept going. Sugar died in my mother's arms. I don't think she ever got over that loss and the "what ifs." She never got another dog.


Just a couple months before Mom died I got Maddy, a miniature Schnauzer puppy. I told Mom about her and she was so pleased. I hoped that they would meet but that didn't happen.


It's been nearly five years, and I still miss my Mom so much.



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