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Dental and kidney disease

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I need some advise. This is a two part question. My 11 year old male greyhound was diagnosed 1 1/2 years ago with chronic kidney disease and since being diagnosed he has been holding steady.  His most recent trip to the vet was due to an tooth abscess and he was given antibiotics which he has responded well to but due to his badly receded gum line my vet has suggest a full mouth extraction.   I have brushed his teeth faithfully but I’m losing the battle.   I know greyhounds are notorious for bad teeth but has anyone ever had a full mouth extraction done on their grey?

The second concern and my biggest concern of mine is having him put under anesthesia with already having kidney disease.  I know greyhounds in general are sensitive to anesthesia plus the fact that anesthesia is hard on the kidneys.   
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Depends on your dogs current renal values.  If the renal values have been stable often your veterinarian will adjust the IV fluids to help diuresis (flush) the kidneys.  Keeping a rotten, infected tooth may prove to be more harmful towards renal function.

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