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"Greyhounds Make Great Pets" 6.14.2019 ~ IRISH GREYHOUNDS


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"Greyhounds Make Great Pets" on VoiceAmerica.com Variety
June 14, 2019 ~ IRISH GREYHOUNDS
10 am Pacific/1 pm Eastern

Laura Simmermon founding member of F L I G H T (Finding Loving Irish Greyhounds Homes Together) and Membership Development and Programs Manager of the Greyhound Health Initiative joins the GMGP hosts to discuss how her organization facilitates the transportation of retired Irish racing greyhounds between Ireland and approved greyhound adoption agencies in North America as well as how your adoption group can apply to take part in this program.

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I can`t say enough good words about Laura and the efforts she puts forth for our beloved hounds. 

Nixon and Nigel came to me through Laura and GS-NCR.  

Laura also gave lots of advice and a huge vote of confidence for us when Ruby came here. 

Amazing Sid came to me via Laura and FLIGHT....and I sure hope that I am given the opportunity to adopt another FLIGHT hound.

I am proud to call Laura a friend...


Nancy...Mom to Sid (Peteles Tiger), Kibo (112 Carlota Galgos).   Missing Casey, Gomer, Mona, Penelope, BillieJean, Bandit, Nixon (Starz Sammie),  Ruby (Watch Me Dash) Nigel (Nigel), and especially little Mario, waiting at the Bridge.




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