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Found 17 results

  1. Tune in today! The Greyhounds Make Great Pets hosts are joined by guest Dennis McKeon to answer questions from our listeners on this full moon Friday the 13th episode. And we will be bringing you an update on the Irish Greyhounds that arrived in the US on Wednesday. https://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/117389/fan-mail Greyhounds Make Great Pets every Friday at 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern only on VoiceAmerica.com All shows are available on-demand on iTunes, Spotify or download #gmgp3 #houndsoftheworld
  2. Tune in to Greyhounds Make Great Pets on Friday September 6, 2019 when the legendary Lee Livingood, award winning author of "Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies" joins us for an informative hour, helping us to be better humans for our dogs and also offering providing dog training tips. Lee has been a fixture in the greyhound adoption community and a professional dog behavior consultant for more than 20 years. Greyhounds Make Great Pets every Friday at 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern only on VoiceAmerica.com All shows are available on-demand on iTunes, Spotify or download #gmgp3 #houndsoftheworld Lee Livingood's bio: Lee Livingood is the award winning author of Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies. She’s been a professional dog behavior consultant for more than 20 years and has conducted workshops on greyhound topics in the U.S. and in Canada. She is the first person in the U.S. to offer a greyhound specific training class. For more than 15 years, Lee has conducted Greyhounds 101, a basic learning class for greyhounds and their people. She taught the seminars on dog problems and on dog aggression at Kutztown University for their Dog Management and Training program during the program’s existence. She currently teaches reactive dog classes at Redfern Canines, a training center in Harrisburg, PA. Lee volunteers her time to advise greyhound adoption groups everywhere and serves as the behavior consultant for a local all-breed rescue group.
  3. Join Greyhounds Make Great Pets on Friday, August 30, 2019 as greyhound historian Charles Blanning, author of the recently published book, "The Greyhound and the Hare" (about the history of the greyhound breed} returns to GMGP to discuss his choice of the 10 Greatest Greyhounds in History. Charles will be interviewed by our guest co~host John Parker.You won't want to miss this interesting and informative hour about our favorite breed. https://www.voiceamerica.com/promo/episode/117054 Greyhounds Make Great Pets every Friday at 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern only on VoiceAmerica.com All shows are available on-demand on iTunes, Spotify or download #gmgp3 #houndsoftheworld
  4. On Friday August 23, 2019, tune into Greyhounds Make Great Pets for a discussion about the improvements made in the world of greyhound adoption and racing over the last 25 years. https://www.voiceamerica.com/promo/episode/116890 Greyhounds Make Great Pets every Friday at 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern only on VoiceAmerica.com All shows are available on-demand on iTunes, Spotify or download #gmgp3 #houndsoftheworld
  5. Dr. Linda L. Blythe, co~author of "Care of the Racing & Retired Greyhound" joins Greyhounds Make Great Pets live on July 12, 2019 to share her vast experience on the care and health of racing greyhounds which can aid current and future adopters to better understand their retired racing greyhounds as they become beloved pets. https://www.voiceamerica.com/promo/episode/116095 Greyhounds Make Great Pets every Friday at 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern only on VoiceAmerica.com All shows are available on-demand on iTunes, Spotify or download. Dr. Blythe's bio: Linda L. Blythe, DVM, PhD, DipACVSMR, is a native of California, receiving her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1974 and PhD in 1978 from UCDavis. After graduation, she was recruited to the newly funded College of Veterinary Medicine at Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon. She has taught veterinary neurology, toxicology, and sports medicine for 39 years to the veterinary students and received a number of awards for her teaching. Her research focus was initially on neurological diseases in horses, but when the Oregon Racing Commission helped legislate part of racing handle to study the problems of racing Greyhounds, Dr. Blythe began studying this special breed of dog. Initial studies were on prerace dehydration and its effect on race performance and the development of the International Greyhound Research Database as a source of information for owners and trainers. But in time, she realized that what was most needed, was a book on the care of the racing Greyhound. For this, she teamed up with Dr. Morrie Craig and Dr. James Gannon of Australia and produced the first text book, Care of the Racing Greyhound. This endeavor was supported by the American Greyhound Council and the Oregon Racing Commission which allowed Dr. Blythe to spend 5 months at Sandown, Victoria, Australia under the guidance of Dr. Gannon. This first book was well received and sold out within 6 years and she was asked to do an update. Dr. Blythe agreed, but only if it contained information about and supporting retired Greyhounds. After another 2 months in Australia with Dr. Gannon and his assistant, Dr. Des Fegan plus 2 additional years of writing, the new textbook, Care of the Racing and Retired Greyhound was released in 2007. These efforts gained Dr. Blythe along with her colleague, Dr. Craig, the honor of being inducted into the Greyhound Hall of Fame. She is founding diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation and active in promoting rehabilitation for neurological cases, injured athletes, and geriatric dogs. Dr. Blythe has published over 150 scientific articles and recently retired from the College of Veterinary Medicine.
  6. Hugs for Hounds is being held Saturday, August 10, 2019 at Grand River Raceway in Elora, Ontario Canada from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm followed by a Buffet Dinner onsite - dogs welcome to attend. The venue is located next to the track and the casino. There will be vendors, presentations, BBQ, family games, silent auction, silent auction and more! Dry camping will be allowed on the property Friday and Saturday evenings. (No hydro, no water) No charge to park onsite. There are also various campgrounds close to the venue. Registration opens April 15!! For updates and complete information please visit our website: http://www.hugsforhounds2.ca/ and our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/415207968907818/ or contact us at: hugsforhounds2@gmail.com
  7. Jody Brown of Racing Home Greyhound Adoption in Phoenix, Arizona joins Greyhounds Make Great Pets this week to discuss how her adoption group works with prisoners at Saguaro Correctional Facility to successfully foster, train and transition retired racing greyhounds as they begin their second career as pets. Greyhounds Make Great Pets every Friday at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern only on VoiceAmerica.com https://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/115627/prisoners-helping-greyhounds
  8. "Greyhounds Make Great Pets" on VoiceAmerica.com VarietyJune 14, 2019 ~ IRISH GREYHOUNDS10 am Pacific/1 pm Eastern https://www.voiceamerica.com/promo/episode/115569Laura Simmermon founding member of F L I G H T (Finding Loving Irish Greyhounds Homes Together) and Membership Development and Programs Manager of the Greyhound Health Initiative joins the GMGP hosts to discuss how her organization facilitates the transportation of retired Irish racing greyhounds between Ireland and approved greyhound adoption agencies in North America as well as how your adoption group can apply to take part in this program.
  9. Donations needed, PLUS if your dog currently donates blood somewhere else, please send us your stories to Auctions@greyhoundhealthinitiative.org so that we can celebrate their service to the canine community. We want greyhound owners to know how easy it is to let their greyhound become a blood donor. This will also be the place to get a peek at what will be offered in this auction.
  10. Does anyone know if tortoises can transfer hookworms to dogs? Are reptile parasites/nematodes transferable to mammals, specifically canines? We've been battling hooks for almost a year now. It occurs to me that the tortoises that frequent our yard may have something to do with Lola being reinfected. Thoughts?
  11. Yesterday I came back from a short trip to Ireland. We stayed at the Orchard Greyhound Sanctuary Clare for a few nights. Here are some pictures of the Greyhounds: Padraigh "Pod" Belle Fionn Maude (not available for adoption) Maude Clara Clara Costa Clara Jake Costa Jake Jayne & Jake More after someone replies.
  12. I am so happy to become a member here finally! I am in the process of adopting my first greyhound. We have our home visit in just under three weeks. I am counting down the days until we get there. We are looking for a petite easy-going girl. I am just so excited! I was at Grapehounds, VA a few weekends ago and seeing all the greyhounds just makes it that much harder to wait. A little bit about me... My name is Christine and I live in Sterling, VA. I have a 2 year old whippet named Dexter who is a very large boy. Most people think he's a greyhound. He's a handful but has a ton of personality and is absolutely spoiled. We would love for him to have a companion which is why we want a smaller girl. We do have a cat, but there's nothing like having another dog around! I also started my own business called HoundWorks selling martingale collars, leads and greyhound gifts. I started this business because I have a love for design and a passion for these hounds and what's better than to combine the two! My family jokes with me that I have designed all these products saying "greyhound lover" but I don't even have one yet! Looking forward to all the tips I'll receive here! I had been a part of Whippet World when I got Dex and it was such a valuable resource. I was so disappointed when the website went down, but I figured now that I've started the adoption process I could start a profile here!
  13. Two weeks ago, my friend, JaVae, and I went to the Hound show in Indio, CA. I always love going to shows when there are just hounds since there tend to be more of them than at all breed shows. This show was cool because it featured a breed that I haven't seen before....the Portuguese Podengo Pequeno. They are scruffy little dogs that are cute as all get-out! I didn't get as many photos as I wanted to of many of the breeds, but I got a few that I like and I hope you do too. It was a bright day and I was going back and forth between bright light and shade so some of these didn't turn out all that great. Enjoy. Greyhounds This little girl was unusual for the show ring Basenjis Afghans I'm so glad I don't have to groom this! I have more...
  14. Is your Greyhound aggressive in play? We've had out dog for about 7 months (she's almost 5 yrs.), but she is not really player. So, she's nowhere near aggressive. Our kids kind of feel jipped in the dog play department, but they do enjoy taking her for walks and letting her run. Greyhounds are certainly a different breed, but they're not all the same. What is your dog like? How do you get them to play? Here's a neat article about the subject: Fighting or Playing? Aggression in Greyhounds
  15. I realize this question largely depends on the dog's individual personality, as well as the temperament of the dog I'm trying to introduce, but I figured I'd ask anyways. What are breeds that are typically compatible with greyhounds with high prey drives? Obviously small dogs are out of the question, and other greyhounds are often good matches, but any others? I've looked online and I've had trouble finding any answers, so does anyone know based on personal experience? Thanks!
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