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Arthritis In Right Hock

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We have had our beautiful Paddy for a little over three months and we absolutely adore him, he is the sweetest boy. We were told when we adopted him that he had a racing injury to his right hock that had been fixed.


We took him to the vet last week as he had developed quite a limp. After X-rays they told us that he has severe arthritis to his right hock probably because the injury was not treated properly. He also has slight problem with the hip joint on that leg. Walking is sometimes painful for him and we have been advised to keep walks short and only when he feels like it.


Has anyone had similar problems? Any advice on how to make him more comfortable would be appreciated. We are giving him seraquin and salmon oil with his food to see if that helps at all and we have metacam to give him on days that it is very bad.

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Ok I will take a stab at it. Our Angel Laci came off the track with a broken leg. She would “hop” on three legs while on hard surfaces. We chose to help her by getting her to use her leg, instead of gimping on it. From the human side, the best results with arthritis is when the patient actually used it. She was “set free” before having it be too terrible, although her joint was always quite swollen. Our treatment would have been Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate. The thing to keep in mind is that no supplement will cure damage to your pups joints. The other thing we noticed is that in the winter time, Laci would enjoy the heat from my brides heated throw. Not sure if it was helpful to her joint, or she just wanted to stay warm. Enjoy you fur baby and remember to have him use the leg as much as reasonable.

Be Safe Out There!



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My dog Remington has always had a slight limp to her gait due to the same injury. After researching it, it sounds like the right hock injury is common in retired racers due to the way they run around the track. I went to my vet about it and we had the same diagnosis as you: existing injury, improperly treated, severe arthritis. My vet and I decided to start her on some Rimadyl daily (100 mg) for the pain and to avoid letting her run on it. That was about 2 years ago and she hasn't miraculously gotten better, but it definitely hasn't progressed. It is very noticeable if she is standing for a while, she will basically take all weight off that back leg. It is also obvious if she tries to lay down on a hard surface. I have let her run in dog parks and the aftermath is a very strong limp(she doesn't realize her leg is hurting until after). She is a little over 8 years old so that can possibly attribute to it staying the same. I'm not sure how old your Paddy is, but you may have more luck if they are not a senior.


Although she hasn't gotten better, there are certain times when I've noticed her feeling better with that leg. I completely agree with Jakemedic in continuing to have him use his leg. I live in an apartment so there are lots of leash walks and it really helps to get that joint moving. I have also used CBD oil for her separation anxiety and found that it has helped her joints more than I expected.


And lastly, my vet suggested something to me the last time I was there which was Adequan which is an injectable for arthritis. He has had good luck with dogs where arthritis is localized. I haven't had the guts to start it yet. My vet offers tech appointments for the injections or you can bring it home. Remington and I are both wimps so it would have to be at the office! This is just something to ask your vet about and see if its an option.


Sorry for the novel, but I wanted to give you all the information I've gained from my dog with a similar injury. I wish you luck and please let us know if you find a solution that works. Oh, and give Paddy some love!

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Bea was almost eight y.o. when she came to me. A right hock fracture had ended her terrific racing career, then she went on to be a brood, and then was petted out. Her broken hock was repaired with a cage and screws. I have her hock xrayed periodically to be sure that there aren't any changes with the hardware and all is well (it is), and her films have been reviewed by others who concur. She still limps but to add insult to the hock injury is that she has a hideous corn on that foot. Bea's daily meds include Deramaxx at night, and twice a day fish oil, Glucosamine/MSM, Gabapentin, and Tramadol. She is close to 12 now and has slowed down but she still enjoys the short walk to Seamie's Lane. I let her dictate her walk-time, she can go as far or as short as she likes and some days she chooses an abbreviated route.


With your Paddy I would start by discussing with your vet additional meds, as well as consider acupuncture and Adequan. Also check carefully for a corn as they can be terribly crippling. Best of luck with your sweet boy. *Paddy*

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