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  1. My dog Remington has always had a slight limp to her gait due to the same injury. After researching it, it sounds like the right hock injury is common in retired racers due to the way they run around the track. I went to my vet about it and we had the same diagnosis as you: existing injury, improperly treated, severe arthritis. My vet and I decided to start her on some Rimadyl daily (100 mg) for the pain and to avoid letting her run on it. That was about 2 years ago and she hasn't miraculously gotten better, but it definitely hasn't progressed. It is very noticeable if she is standing for a while, she will basically take all weight off that back leg. It is also obvious if she tries to lay down on a hard surface. I have let her run in dog parks and the aftermath is a very strong limp(she doesn't realize her leg is hurting until after). She is a little over 8 years old so that can possibly attribute to it staying the same. I'm not sure how old your Paddy is, but you may have more luck if they are not a senior. Although she hasn't gotten better, there are certain times when I've noticed her feeling better with that leg. I completely agree with Jakemedic in continuing to have him use his leg. I live in an apartment so there are lots of leash walks and it really helps to get that joint moving. I have also used CBD oil for her separation anxiety and found that it has helped her joints more than I expected. And lastly, my vet suggested something to me the last time I was there which was Adequan which is an injectable for arthritis. He has had good luck with dogs where arthritis is localized. I haven't had the guts to start it yet. My vet offers tech appointments for the injections or you can bring it home. Remington and I are both wimps so it would have to be at the office! This is just something to ask your vet about and see if its an option. Sorry for the novel, but I wanted to give you all the information I've gained from my dog with a similar injury. I wish you luck and please let us know if you find a solution that works. Oh, and give Paddy some love!
  2. Hello all! I am interested in recommendations for the Richmond, VA (specifically near Short Pump, VA) area for a boarding facility for my greyhound Remington. Previously, I boarded her at my vet in Northern VA and I know she did well there. She is a brood mama who is 8 years old with some separation anxiety so I want to make sure the kennel is not a stressful experience for her. I have found a few places that seem nice, but I wanted to know if anyone has any recommendations! Also, I have looked into pet sitting before but with her separation anxiety, she cannot be left alone and usually does well in a traditional boarding situation instead. I am open to hearing about alternatives though if they can accommodate separation anxiety!
  3. I am currently looking near Short Pump and Glen Allen for apartments, nothing set in stone yet.
  4. Hello all! I am interested in recommendations for the Richmond, VA area for a vet and boarding facility for my greyhound Remington. I will be moving to the area in the next few weeks and I want to be prepared. Currently, I board her at my vet and I know she does well there. I do not require the vet and boarding kennel to be one in the same so I am open to all suggestions! She is a brood mama about to turn 8 with some separation anxiety so I want to make sure the kennel is not a stressful experience for her, the same goes for the vet. I know there are other topics similar to this one and I apologize for being redundant! Thank you all for your help and I hope to get to know the other greyhounds(and owners) in the area!
  5. Thank you all for the advice. I forgot to mention that everytime I leave, I put on some soothing music for her and give her 2 frozen kongs and a bully stick. She tends to ignore these treats until later in the day. On weekends, I do all of the above including a long walk in order to tire her out. My roommate works a similar schedule to mine so we leave and arrive around the same time. I will look into a treat dispensing toy to distract her in those later hours or something that can keep her busy. I would like to try as many things as I can before medication because I am wary of the side effects. She is a very sweet and friendly dog who loves people and I worry that the medication would knock her out or change her personality. I am curious if there is anything I could give her just for the time I am out of the house. I do give her a dose of melatonin and L-theanine before I leave which takes a bit of the edge off. I also understand that the medication can be temporary, but I want to try all of my options before making that jump. Again, Thank you all for your help!
  6. Hi thank you for your response! I am weary of a dog walker just because I think that might set her off again in the middle of the day. I do have a webcam that I have set up so I do see her relaxing during the day and roaching. I will speak to my vet about putting her on meds to get her over that last hurdle.
  7. Hi everybody, I have been using this forum as a resource for the entire time I have owned my grey and for a few months in preparation for adoption. I am finally going to make my first post! I adopted a 6 year old female named Remington last year in November 2016. She came straight from the track without foster. As of now, I have had her for almost 10 months. The first few months were definitely rough due to her separation anxiety. In the first 6 months, I had her crated when I was at work (~8 hours). She would bark and howl constantly all day long in the beginning. I had tried leaving her out of the crate and had the same result but with her jumping at the front door and scratching at the wall to the outside. Eventually she began to quiet down and would stay quiet for around 6 hours straight in the crate with minimal howling. This was in an apartment with neighbors on all sides and surprisingly I never heard a single complaint! Then about 4 months ago, I made a move to a new apartment complex and within a few weeks of living there the complaints rolled in. I spoke to management and explained the situation and what I was working on with her. The neighbors appear to be understanding but I don't want to risk getting any further complaints. I eventually moved her from the crate to being baby gated in my bedroom with the crate available to her. I have tried almost everything with her: Alone Training, DAP Collars, DAP Diffusers(still use this), Thundershirt, Kongs & Kongs & more Kongs, Busy Buddy Bristle Bones, Bully Sticks, Melatonin, L-Theanine, Rescue Remedy, nylabones, dental chews. I try to give her enough stuff during the day to keep her busy so that she does not focus on the fact that I am not there. I also take her on a 45 min- 1 hour walk every morning before I leave for work. My roommate just adopted a beagle puppy so she has a buddy during the day who sits right on the other side of the baby gate during the day. I have made some strides in her axniety which is that I can leave in the morning and by the time I get to work (20 minutes) she is asleep on my bed after a small amount of howling and whining. She also will stay relatively quiet during the day with around 7 hours straight sleeping(yay!). My only issue lately is that she will get up after that 7 hours and howl and whine constantly until I come home. She also has been biting at the baby gate and actually destroyed part of one and I had to replace it last week. She has also scratched part of the door frame in my bedroom and chewed on a door stop. I would leave her free to the apartment seeing as she has never gotten into any trouble at any other time, but she does jump at the door and I am worried she would bite the door handle and I don't want to pay the apartment complex for her destruction. When I am home, she literally lays on her bed and sleeps constantly so I know she is a lazy grey inside haha. I just want her to be that way when I am not around. She does wander into her crate in my bedroom when my roommate and I are in the living room and does not follow me to every room so she is not clingy when I am in the house. I also have a huge issue leaving her on weekends or for odd times. I had to step out to go move my car for 5 minutes the other day and I put her in the room and I could hear her the whole time I was out howling and barking. She also chewed on the baby gate that time also. I have tried my fair share of alone training with no luck. I need some advice on how to address this work day anxiety and some help with leaving for short periods without full on anxiety. I do record her during the day which is how I know she sleeps for 7 hours. My vet is aware of the problem but hesitant to put her on medication because of the progress she has made. I would like to hear your opinions on what should be the next step in the process. I apologize for the novel, but I wanted to give every detail! Thank you all for your help!
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