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Diarrhea After Drontal

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Hi all,


We have been battling hookworm since April. Stanley has had a course of Drontal in the past with no issue, but this time he has had diarrhea since I gave the meds. I gave the Drontal Monday and he has had diarrhea since Monday. For the most part his frequency hasn't increased but he has gone twice in 4 hrs today so that may be changing. No change in diet and no increased stressors have been introduced this week so I am assuming Drontal but it is odd to last this long and he didn't have the reaction the last time. Anybody with a similar experience?

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It's not unusual to have diarrhea, though lasting this long may mean it's shifted to something else now. You need to make sure he's staying hydrated and that there's no blood in the stool. If either of those things happen it means go to the vet. Otherwise, I would probably fast him for a couple-3 meals until the diarrhea stops (again, make sure he keeps drinking clear water), then start him on a *small* portion of a bland diet. If he doesn't have trouble with that, gradually increase the amount and eventually switch over to his regular food. If the diarrhea comes back at any point, go in to the vet, as he may need some medicine to help get him over it.

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