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Anal Glands

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How do you know if anal glands are infected or need expressing? Lou's bum is hurting I can tell but not sure if it is from Girada meds that make him go to bathroom frequently. I have been putting Desitan on anal area. I do not smell any odor.

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We never smelled the distinctive smell of anal glands needing to be expressed, but our greyhound did have one that was just loaded, for whatever reason. He was trying to scootch (I'd only ever seen a pug do this before) and was licking back there more than usual. We were going through some food issues at the time, and our vet thought that the soggy poos were not naturally expressing the glands as they would if his BMs were more normal. A quick trip to the back room to have it expressed, and Marv has been good to go ever since.

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Greys don't have anal glad issues the way a lot of smaller dogs do, but it happens occasionally, and if there are medication or other medical issues going on it could be the case. If he's going poo frequently, it could be just sensitivity from that. That said, if his poop is now very soft, it could cause anal gland impaction. The solidness of poop coming out (sorry to be crude) naturally expresses the anal glands.


I'm guessing it's more "soreness" from what you posted. Dogs with impacted glands scootch on the floor, chew at their bum, etc. Desitin seems like a great idea! If it truly is "bottom soreness" you could also try cornstarch (My grandma's diaper rash remedy). I don't know if it will help, but it can't hurt.


As always, give those big ole ears a rub from me! Hope he feels better soon.

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