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Which Way Of Spaying Is Better

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Laparoscopic surgery is less invasive, so post-op discomfort is less and healing time is faster. However, it's *much* more expensive, at least in my area. The only place that does it here is the specialty hospital, and I was quoted $2000. Most dogs recover just fine from traditional spays.

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My clinic offer laparoscopic spays at the same price as the traditional surgery - they used to charge more but decided the procedure is so much easier on the dog they would just rather do it that way. All of which is a long way of saying, it is worth looking into, as pricing models may vary from clinic to clinic.

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I had wanted to have Kili done laparoscopically, but then when the time came the one hospital couldn't do it as their unit needed repairs, and the other quoted me over $2500 (previous to that the highest quote I'd been given was $1800). After speaking to some boarded surgeons the final consensus seemed to be that there was probably little difference given how proficient most general practitioners are.


I ended up asking my boss to do the surgery as she has more years of experience and makes slightly smaller incisions than I do. Also, I wanted to handle the anesthesia. In the end it was perfect. She made the teensiest little spay incision, and Kili's anesthetic went without a hitch. She was back in the agility ring two weeks later.

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