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Sudden Pain Sensitivity

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Ca 2 hours ago Tracker was lying next to me on the sofa sleeping when I brushed against the spot where the tummy meets the thigh. He jerked up and let out a small yelp. I was flummoxed. Then he relaxed and went back to sleep. A few minutes ago, I super gently touched him (not because I want to torture him, but because I wanted to see whether there is actual pain or whether I had just startled him the first time, though he has never sleep startled) in the same spot (and I mean gently--like a feather). He leapt of the sofa with a yelp and walked away. I'm totally confused and worried. He seems fine otherwise, and eats normally, although in the afternoon there was one time when he got up from his pad very slowly (not really achy, just slowly) and just stood there as if dazed--then he walked away normally. What on earth might this be?

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Is it just in the one spot that he's sensitive?


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This morning, he was back to normal as far as I could tell. I was terrified to touch that spot again, but knew I had to, so I inched my way towards that spot from above. He seemed fine, and when my husband checked him, he was "bolder" than me and touched him with increasing firmness (but still cautiously), and Tracker didn't make a peep. I will keep a sharp eye on him, of course.

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