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No Nesting!


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Thought I'd toss this totally bizarre issue out there to see whether anyone has any possible explanation:


Lucy becomes really angry when Cash nests. Any time, day or night, wherever she is in the house. If she hears him nesting, she'll bark, and then run over and glare at him until he stops. We've had her for six years, and she's never done this with any of our other hounds. We've had Cash for two and a half years, and she didn't do it with Cash until recently. We can also simulate the sound by scraping our nails on the beds, and she doesn't react. She gets along fine with him otherwise - no issues or snarking at all. She just won't let the poor guy nest.

Valerie w/ Cash (CashforClunkers) & Lucy (Racing School Dropout)
Missing our gorgeous Miss
Diamond (Shorty's Diamond), sweet boy Gabe (Zared) and Holly (ByGollyItsHolly), who never made it home.

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There must just be something about it that really annoys her.....perhaps you could try giving her yummy treats when he does it so that she learns to love it? :dunno

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