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Voice Change Affecting Dog?

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It's possible. You don't sound like you and he's not used to listening for a different sounding voice. Depending on how hoarse you are, it could be very disconcerting.


I began teaching my dogs to respond to gestures and signals after I spent two weeks not being able to talk. It was very frustrating!

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Guest shanesmom

Absolutely. My Ace is a rather skittish grey and is extremely sensitive. This past spring I had the worst case of bronchitis ever and I had to really force my voice just to speak at all. I didn't sound anything like myself. Poor Ace thought several times that I was yelling at him. I offered him a potty break or his meal and he ran into my bedroom and hid which he never did. I quickly figured out that I had to whisper and he was ok with that.

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While there is lots of body language in agility, there are times you need to tell the dog where to go because looking at you could slow them down. Right now our classes are outside and he gets nervous outside like that so he was already a bit of a mess today, but in the middle of our runs he tried to take a nap in the middle if the tunnel 2 different times, which he hasn't done before. After this session we're going to stop classes for awhile, at least until fall when we'll be inside again and he'll be more comfortable.

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