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Nodular Granulomatous Episcleritis Keratitis

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Our regular vet thought Annie had Pannus so sent us to an animal ophthalmologist. We went today, and Annie was diagnosed with Nodular Granulomatous Episcleritis Keratitis, NGEK for short. It's an auto-immune disease of the eye very similar to Pannus. Tthe same eye drops to treat Pannus are used for NGEK. She's starting off with two types of eye drops: a steroid that runs a six-week course, with weaning starting at the end of week 2, and Tacrolimus, which Annie will be on for the rest of her life.


While examining Annie, the ophthalmologist also saw that she has Micropapilla in her right eye. Micropapilla is a congenital eye disease resulting in a shrunken optic nerve. It can't be repaired but won't get worse. Abbie probably has reduced vision in that eye but doesn't know any difference since she'sf had it from birth.


Does anybody have experience with NGEK? I've ordered the Tacrolimus from a place in N.C., a place the specialty vet practice uses and to whom they had already faxed the 'script before I even left the building. It cost $45 but I don't how big the bottle is. Does anybody have experience with the cost of Tacrolimus?


And just because I like to show her off....


This was taken last spring with her new Daisy collar from Crown Collars. Maybe we'll have spring some day this year. :-)




This was taken last week. I love to see Greyhound feet in pretty positions.



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Guest goofydog

Beautiful Annie Bella! She'll soon learn when you say 'eyes' to turn her head up and wait for the drops! Just follow with really yummy treats.


Eye drop time is the only time Get Em gets the BilJac liver treats and he loves them!

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