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Teeth Extractions, Salivary Gland Infection, Now Won't Eat...

Guest DunksMom

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Guest DunksMom

Hi all,

Kind of a long story... about a month ago Dunkin's face swelled up and I took him into the vet and they determined that he needed to have teeth extracted. We scheduled a dental (Nov 15) and about a week after, he had major swelling in his neck gland that was draining into his chin and chest resulting in a jowly face and a waddle. They aspirated and determined that it was a salivary gland issue. Vet wasn't sure if it was blocked or infected or both so she prescribed Clavamox and that brought the swelling down. He's since finished the course of Clavamox and was on a soft food diet (his regular kibble, softened with warm water) and ate all his meals just fine. He had some tummy trouble around Thanksgiving, which I don't know if it was attributed to the Clavamox or he did get a hold of what I suspect was cat poop in the yard. He had some vomiting and diarrhea but continued to eat. The vomiting and diarrhea have cleared up but now he's not wanting to eat his kibble. He'll take the high value treats (soft and smelly), table scraps, etc. The other night I cooked up some rice, quinoa and boiled beef and he ate that right up. Additionally, he's going out 3-5 times a night to either #1 or #2. Sometimes there are multiple #2s a night.


I'm interested in any thoughts the group has. Am I dealing with a new picky eater or does this sound like something else is going on?


-tired and worried Dunk's mom (aka Emily)

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