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Anal Gland Removal

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Our little Frannie has been dealing with dermal HSA since April and now they've found two

growths on her left anal sac.

She goes in Tuesday for a CT and if everything looks ok, they'll remove the sac.

Has anyone gone through this? If so, how did the recovery go?

Just a little (a lot) nervous after all the information I've been reading about this surgery.


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Friend's dog, non-grey had both anal glands removed, outcome was great success and easy recovery/healing. Sending good wishes for the same for your Frannie.

Bernadette with Jak, Horizon, Kota, Barnaby, Madison, Earl, Tiggy, Finney, Tommy, Woody, Tyler and Lincoln all at the bridge

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A friend's dog (non-Grey) is currently recovering from anal sac removal & first chemo treatment for a cancer other than HSA. Surgery was about 10 days ago. At the hospital, right after surgery she scarfed down anything they gave her. But the chemo zapped that for a few days. The first couple days at home were a little rough. With little appetite getting & keeping pills in her was a challenge. She was on some pretty strong pain meds & stool softeners. Potty trips were slow & dog looked painful. The cone to stop her from licking was hard to deal with, especially since this dog is normally crated when my friend is at work. She also had to stop the dog from scooting on her but the first day or so.


My friend was home with her dog for the first two days, thankfully it was a weekend. She did leave for a few hours one day. She returned to work on Monday. Goes home for lunch to check on dog. That is their normal routine. Dog is doing fine with alone time.


Within a few days of coming home things were greatly improved. Dog seemed fairly comfortable, not trying to scoot on carpet. She was playing with toys inside, wanting to go on walks & was rolling in the grass at potty breaks. Appetite was coming back & pilling was no longer hard. She just had first follow up appt Thurs. Vet said all looks good & healing is progressing as expected. They did notice one stitch had been pulled out. Friend suspected it was caused by that first scoot across the carpet before she started keeping a more watchful eye out for such behavior. Vet wasn't at all concerned about that.


Good luck. Hope all goes quite well.

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