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  1. cristar


    Her and her little mini-me...what an endearing picture to treasure. Rest well pretty girl. Your people will love you forever.
  2. Oh no Jey... I'm so sorry for you and Grammy. It seems like she just came to live with you. So many years have passed since my posting of a little sweetheart we had in our group and you were so much help to me. I will never forget it. Bless you for all the love you've given your pups over the years and the wonderful home they had with you and Grammy. Your sweet one will be at your side forever, watching over you both now. So sorry for yet another heartbreak.
  3. This is truly a sad time for all Greytalkers. Rocket has been a staple for so long it's like everyone on here knew him personally. So sorry for you and everyone that loved him. Rest well sweet boy. You had a good, long life and your people will miss you forever, as will all of us that were always entertained by your antics. Sad, sad time
  4. Aaah, she looks just like my sweet Frannie did. Beautiful souls that we'll miss forever. Rest well pretty one.
  5. Our first girl was on a high dose of pred. because of her IBD. She weighed 59 lbs. when she started on it and within a couple months, she had gotten down to 42. Muscle wasting. Dry, thinning hair. Just not good. We were able to taper down the dosage and she started to level out and gain some weight back. That, plus her eating a ton of home cooking helped.
  6. Ugh, why Jey? I just ordered some for Frannie.
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