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Snorting/coughing In The Morning - Today Lasted For A Good 10 Min

Guest Rocket

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Hi fellow Grey parents ,

My Rocket seems to have trouble in the morning with some sort of nasaly snorting pushing coughing sound (odd sound).

This morning it was bad and lasted a good 10 min.

? astma or allergies. Someone once told me it could be reverse sneezing but it seems to go on too long.



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if it is a reverse sneeze, they really can snort away it can be a matter of a ton of phelgym in their throat. there is a super simple solution, which will not harm the dog at all- if it's not a reverse sneeze. lemon juice down the throat! take a dropper- i use a baby medicine dropper- fill it w/ lemon juice, the stuff you buy in a bottle and open the mouth and squirt, close the mouth- aim for the back of the throat. one dropper full and it cuts thru all the mucous, it basically comes out (the mucous) in their poop. my vet bred short nose dogs- eng. bulls/frenchies and boxers. this is very typical of those breeds he's the one who instructed me to do this. i've done this on greys as well as my welsh terrier who used to have season allergies. i try not to use benadryl or another antihistime if at all possible. if it works you will be amazed at how much immediate comfort your dog will have in a matter of minutes.

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