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Dakota Is Terrorizing One Of My Plants--Suggestions?

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Dakota's new thing in the last couple of weeks is that he's decided to attack a large potted jade plant that we have on our back porch. The plant is there for a reason...it's big and it blocks what would be about a 2 foot drop from our back porch onto our pool deck. I've looked online and although there are a few websites that say that a jade plant can be poisonous to cats and dogs, the majority of websites list it as a safe plant. Also, if it were unsafe, I think we'd have seen some side effects by now, but there have been none.

He goes over to the plant sometimes and rips a big fat stem off it and makes a dirt mess on the porch. He doesn't eat the plant, he just decides it's time to shred it and then he attacks it. We send him out with chew toys, etc but sometimes he just decides to go over and take a hunk out of the plant. This is the only plant he messes with, inside or out. Do you think I can spray something like bitter apple on the plant to deter him? Or should I just go ahead and put another (non-plant) thing in its place? I'm not particularly attached to the plant. Like I said, it's mostly there because we have one narrow part of our back porch which has this 2 foot drop down to the pool deck and this big potted jade is a natural barrier and fills the gap perfectly. I can't always catch him in the act so it's hard for me to correct the little stinker.

Rita, mom to Dakota (Dakotas Dream) & Wish (Kiowa Wish Wish) and my angels

Toby (Sol Marcus) and Robin (Greys Robin Hood)

Forever missing our beloved Robin and Toby

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." Anatole France

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Guest Greyt_dog_lover

Sounds like he is having a good time, why not just let him have his fun? I know it may be a pain in the butt to clean up all the time, but think of it this way, when he is long gone, you will miss his antics.


I have one stuffy that my girl Olive LOVES to pull the stuffing out of. She doesn't eat any, just loves to eviscerate the poor beaver. She wont do it when we are home usually, but when we come home sometimes it is all over the living room. I pick up the stuffing, put it back in and leave the toy out for her to destroy the next day. It is something that she seems to enjoy, I wont take her joy away. After all, what's a few minutes of cleaning up for her fun?

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Guest Waterdog66

Chalk this up to one of the benefits of owning a grey (Or 2 or 10):


They will cure anyone of even the worst case of materialism :flip


Seriously: Might have to transplant to another pot and put something like Basil, Sage or Rosemary in the bot instead.

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