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Elevated Liver Values Alt, Ast

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Maverick had his annual appointment Saturday. I got his blood work back today. His AST was 81 (15-66) and ALT was 233 (12-118). His specific gravity (urine) was 1.011 (1.015 - 1.050), pH high at 8.5 and protein high at 1+. My vet is only concerned about the AST and ALT. He is raw fed (BARF, no veggies) and ate an hour before the appointment. (I didn't think and no one said to fast him, but I should know better.) He has been a touch loose lately, but he got the dead mouse the cat dragged in and I didn't think any more about it.


Temperament, activity level, attitude - all normal. He is well exercised and not a scrap of pudge on him.


She recommended a repeat test in a month. Anything I should be doing? I am in the throes of dealing with the one year anniversary of 3 pups dying and this bothers me more than I would have thought.






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If you really want to compare apples to apples, don't change a thing, other than I wouldn't feed him before the next test. The objective is to see if these results are pointing toward a trend. I was advised by a well known canine nutritionist to test 3 times, 30 days apart before making any decisions or taking any action.

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I would redo the urine with a first morning specimen - there should not be any protein in the urine and you want the specific gravity higher which means a more concentrated sample.


As to the liver results, you might want to pick up denamarin which is a liver supplement (or milk thistle). Many dogs that are taking pb for seizures use supplements regularly to keep liver damage to a minimum. I would personally redo the lab tests after 2 weeks or so just to see if the results go back to normal.

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