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#@*! Stray Cats

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Gypsy and Slick tangled with a stray cat that has been wandering through our yard last night. It was dark so I didn't see much but I heard the commotion. What I did see was both the hounds with a cat in their jaws. I yelled, the cat broke free and crashed into the fence before fleeing the yard. Upon inspection, Gypsy has a scratch right below her eye and two small puncture wounds on her jaw. Slick has several scratches to his face and one right above his eye. I cleaned them up good last night and there are no apparent reactions this morning. I know puncture wounds are serious and need to be watched closely. Is there anything else I should be looking for?

On a side note, I sure would like to drop kick the owner of this cat! How rude to simply let your pet out to poop and pee in my yard. Not to mention wrestle with my hounds who are in their own yard. :angryfire

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I'd call your vet. My biggest concern would be that cat saliva contains lots of nasty stuff, and Gypsy's puncture wounds sound like bites. You might want to get an antibiotic as a preventative for them.


And are Slick and Gypsy up to date on rabies shots? Lots of people don't get their cats vaccinated...


Also, it was dark so you might not have seen clearly, but are you sure it was a cat? Any possibility it was a raccoon?


(Let me see how many other scary things I can think of. Sorry.)

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Guest greybookends

You should call your vet and take them in. You do not know the medical history of the cat so at the very least you will need a rabies booster EVEN if you just updated shots and probably an antibiotic because cat scratches can be nasty.


I know how you feel. A few years ago 4 of mine tangled with a stray, it was an unhappy outcome, it also resulted in an almost $400 vet bill for me for boosters, wound cleaning and surgery to repair a torn ear.

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Yes, have your dogs checked and shots topped up.

We have the stray cat problem here and when a new neighbour with a cat moved in I'd swear all the neighbourhood cats invaded our yard to confront it. I make a noise now and put on the outside lights when I let Peggy out at night now because she just hates cats. Cats go up wooden fences quite safely but not so with walls.

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Happened to my Larry & Lucy about 4 years ago. Didn't know the history of the cat and Larry's face was pretty scratched up - Lucy, not a mark on her.


Since we had no history on the cat, Larry got antibiotics and a booster on the rabies.

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