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I give them Grizzly Fish Oil every day. Tons of hair comes off every day. I have air filters in my bedroom and the living room 24/7. They are a joke. I have tile floors and only shutters at the windows (no curtains or drapes) I have leather furniture. They sleep in my room in their crates, but I cannot change that. I change their bed covers every week and I am constantly dust mopping my room. They are both on meds all of the time. Maybe that is the problem? Everyone knows the on going story about DaVid, so there is nothing I can do about the meds. I am going to have a PFT this coming Tuesday, but I know the numbers will be about 25-30%, if not lower. Thanks

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Yikes, you have my sympathy. And as a fellow Southerner, I know the muggy summer weather can't be helping either of your situations. You might be right that the meds are contributing, but for what it's worth our vet (Dr. Macherey at Grassmere—very grey-savvy) told us it's basically luck of the draw on whether a grey sheds a lot or not. She said one of hers always gets compliments on his bunny-soft coat and in the back of her head she's thinking "if only you knew how much of this lovely fur ends up on my floor."


We give Sweep baths more often than is typical for greys (every six weeks or so) with Earthbath's Aloe & Oatmeal shampoo and their conditioner, and that *really* helps with the shedding for a while without causing dry skin or irritation. Still, my Roomba is a godsend. Hopefully others will chime in with some better ideas. Best of luck to you!


Rachel with Sweep and kitties Olive and Momo.
Always missing my boys Mud and

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