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Osu Remembrance Ceremony 2013


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Is anyone else coming to OSU for the Remembrance Ceremony this Saturday, May 18? It will be a rough day for me as I will be honoring all of the dogs that I have had as an adult. I lost all 3 of them in the last 20 months. I lost Shelby just a month ago. In addition, I lost my housemate's dog a couple of months ago. I had spent every day with him since last June.


I expect I will shed a lot of tears. If I think it will be too much for me, I will stay home. However, if I am able to hold myself together enough to attend, it would be nice to sit with others I know or who at least share the love of sighthounds.


For those who aren't aware, Ohio State University has a annual Remembrance Ceremony. If you had a pet who was treated at OSU, you are welcome to attend. It is a two hour ceremony with various speakers. You get to make a remembrance token and leave it at the remembrance tree for all to see. The students and vets pass by this tree daily. In addition, you can attend the optional art portion and make something to take home.


I wasn't able to attend last year, so they are allowing me to include Twistmas, Joey, and Shelby. The registration has officially closed for this year. They are accepting late registrations through tomorrow. However, they likely will not be able to include the photo of your pet in their video montage.


Here's more information:





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