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Paragon Dog Chews

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I was wondering if anyone on here had come across or used Paragon dog chews? We give our girls their 4x2 biscuits each night and a Greenie each week, but the Greenie in particular is expensive and, although much loves, not fabulous the next morning! I found the Paragon rice bones last week and tried them, and the girls seemed fine afterwards. They're also cheaper than Greenies, but has anyone else used them? What's the consensus?

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We have used the "twiggies" for our dogs, and they love them! They last a few minutes, and definitely take a bit of chewing. They seem to do a good job at cleaning their back teeth.

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The nice thing about Paragon is they are wheat free, made from potato fiber and plant fiber. The weirder the shape, the longer they last. We sell the most hedgies and a couple of our big dog customers say they last about 30 minutes. She buys them by the case now.

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