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  1. Yay! Now the hard part is picking a photo (or getting a new one of all three dogs behaving!) Haha
  2. I've sent my info as well! Thanks for organizing, it's so much fun!
  3. I also want to do cards again! I actually never took mine down from 2019. Work got crazy in Jan/Feb and then lockdown in March, so I decided it was more fun to keep seeing all those cute dog photos.
  4. We do have a new holistic vet clinic nearby! Sid is already doing better today, and was trying to jump for his treat. I think he must be having numbness instead of pain, because he just wants to run and jump like normal, which has been challenging to keep him under control.
  5. Our 7 year old guy jumped off the bed last night and got a weird, drunk hind leg a few minutes later. The E-vet diagnosed a pinched nerve and gave us Rimadyl, rest and leash-walks for treatment. He has already improved in 24hrs but I hate seeing him stumble around and knock his leg into things! He still wants to do everything as he normally would, so we have the house locked down to 2 rooms for now to keep him quiet. For those of you who have dealt with this, how long did it take to get good mobility back? (Our regular vet checked in and offered muscle relaxers too if he's not feeling better by Wed, but I feel like that will make him more "drunk." lol)
  6. I know some allergy dogs that do well with Pure Vita grain free varieties. It comes in Salmon, Bison and Turkey. They are only a single-source protein and I don't think any of them have white potatoes, just sweet potatoes and peas for the carbohydrate. That would be a way to narrow down some of the ingredient list. It's usually carried by smaller, independent pet shops. Rabbit-based foods can be hard for stores to keep in regular supply, because there's just not a huge supplier of rabbit for the pet market.
  7. If he's just playing with a few friends, one way to help the resource guarding is to saturate the room/yard with toys. If there are 2 dogs playing, try putting out 8-10 toys. If he tries to guard all of them, he's probably never going to share! But if there are "plenty," then the pressure may be off of him to guard the one he has.
  8. My 9 year old just had a dental this month, and had 3 of his upper premolars removed. The vet called me 1/2 way through to ask about one of the teeth that was so-so and I ok'd removing it. Then I called back 2 hours later and they said he was just waking up and had done fine. So he was under for less than 3 hours. (Although I think there's a pre-sedation stage before the anesthesia? So I'm not sure. It was three hours since I knew the vet got started, to when I called them and he was waking.) He was hungry right away and they fed him some canned I/D at the clinic, until we could pick him up. He was VERY tired that afternoon/evening, but was only a little goofy. He ate a full meal of canned food. The second day, he was still more tired than I would've guessed and we fed him canned food, but he was eyeing his brother's kibble rather than digging into his bowl. On the third day we started doing half kibble/half wet and he was much happier. His activity level was even better than normal and he was playing with toys and running around. So those teeth were hurting him I guess, but he never really showed any signs of it. On the fourth day, he ate his kibble with no problem. He never had any drooling or bleeding and stitches dissolved right away. They wanted to check them in 10 days, but they were gone in 5 I think! He did like getting "frosty paws" as a special treat for a couple of days too. Your dog will do just fine!
  9. We have used the "twiggies" for our dogs, and they love them! They last a few minutes, and definitely take a bit of chewing. They seem to do a good job at cleaning their back teeth.
  10. My rabbit went thru a similar issue, and after loads of clear tests, the vet calculated how much water he should drink each day. For 2 years I have been measuring water every morning and dispensing it throughout the day, and no more peeing outside the litter box. He's had a clean bill of health ever since! They figured it became a behavioral issue after the first real UTI.
  11. Nora is 9 now, and for her birthday I got her a bottle of Liquid Health K9 Glucosamine! We had used that in the past when she had a little knee injury, and my vet at the time said the liquid formulas are more easily absorbed into the body. I am planning on using that for her daily now, as she does have some general stiffness, and more trouble with that bad knee. I also wanted to investigate a daily(somewhat) arthritis med, and started with Deramax. It literally has NO effect on her. It's very strange, b/c I was just using a human-aspirin now and again, and could easily see the improvement with that. My vet suggested another med, but it was just as expensive as the Deramax, so I think we are going to bump down a price level, and try Rimadyl again, which I know worked for her at the time of the original injury. It can have side effects from longer usage, so we are going to work on finding the smallest dose that works for her. Also, when I was on their site, they have a $10 off coupon right now, if you sign up and give your vet's info: https://www.rimadyl.com/display.aspx?drug=RC&species=CN&sec=000
  12. I am not an herbalist myself, but my pet rabbit kept getting UTIs and the handbook that I have has an herbal section at the back. There are a number of things besides cranberry that can help, so maybe check with a professional in your area about some other supplements? I now have uva ursi for my rabbit, but haven't had a chance to try it yet (luckily!!).
  13. I think we're short-changing dogs a little here--yes, they are greyhounds who like to sleep a lot, BUT they are still animals with brains! You wouldn't let your kid lie in bed all day, why let your dog do it? Just because they aren't being naughty, doesn't mean they won't benefit from mental stimulation and quality time with their people. I have a dog who's getting a bit older and doesn't want to play as much, so I was thinking of getting back into some training. My younger dog LOVES training, and gets completely wiped out from it too! I don't have time for a class during the summer, so I bought a book called "101 Dog Tricks" by Kyra Sundance. It has some ridiculous TV-dog tricks at the end, but many of them are simple enough that either of my dogs could manage them, and are beyond the "down," "stay," etc. which we've already done. A book that I saw online, but couldn't find in the store seems interesting too: http://www.amazon.com/Cure-Useless-Dog-Syndrome-Activities/dp/0984053824/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1306691437&sr=8-1
  14. Here's hoping that you are having a good weekend together! I did not tell my dogs that Sparks is getting homecooked meals 24/7 now . .
  15. How did it go at the vet? After reading your posts, I had a couple of thoughts: 1) It sounds like some of the trouble is that you are having to get to Sparks before he starts getting up. Are you limiting his access to the house, so that he *has* to be in the same room as you at all times? Can you put everything you need into *one* room, and then just camp out there with him until the medications help him out? If you crate him or put up an x-pen, will that encourage him to lie still? 2) You seem very stressed. Obviously, Sparks probably isn't eating much if he is in pain, but he may also not be eating b/c you are stressed out, so he is stressed out, maybe confused about why all this new food is showing up. I know our instincts lead us to fuss, and hand feed, and coddle them when they aren't well! But change is stressful for most dogs, even if it seems like "positive" change. Maybe just put some tasty, easy to swallow food within easy reach, and just leave it for him as close to his usual feeding schedule. Let us know how it goes!
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