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Ripped His Toenail Off

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my daugther calls me in panic that there is blood everywhere and she isnt sure which dog it is because she just walked in and they were going nuts.

I was on my way home...minutes seem like hours when one of our greys are hurt.


anyway we come to find when I got here that its Duke.

his back right toenail is off. I have no idea how he did that

blood everywhere. Of course I panic...(even though I was a vet tech)


I immediately had Holli get a bucket of warm water with antibactieral soap and some cornstartch



I soaked his foot for a few mintues then held a dry towel on it for a few minutes with pressure.


I then put his foot in a bowl of cornstartch.

I called the vet, but they said I am doing things well so just wrap it and keep it wrapped



it was doing farily well the last hour or so. but now I have noticed that the bleeding is starting again.

We are going to unwrap it and put more pressure and cornstartch on it. and re wrap it


I take it that my vet didnt really want to see him.


any other suggestions?



think I should just leave it alone or change the dressing??

In loving Memory of: 

Chip, Wendell, Tessa, Moose, Moody, Noble Storm, Thunder, Gracie, Duke



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Deuce does this on a regular basis. I clean it up, cram a girlie pad into a boot and cram her foot into the boot. I change the boot and pad every few hours until the bleeding stops. I have her wear the boot for about a week or so.

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Guest BlueCrab

When Trixie did this over the winter, we elevated the foot for a while to help stop the bleeding. She didn't mind having her tummy scratched while I was holding her foot in the air. And yup, it bled EVERYWHERE. After we got the bleeding to stop I put some EMT gel on it, a bit of gauze with a pad and a baby sock vet wrapped on to hold it all together. Changed it regularly and then when things toughened up a bit, no more sock.

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