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Meet Rufus! A Retired Racer With His Own Website


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While taking a leisurely walk on a sunny wooded trail, a friend of mine encountered a magnificent grey, if ever she saw one, walking towards her with his human. Rufus is his name; a very smart and enterprising type, as he had his human give my friend his business card, complete with personal website and email.


The home page affirms, "Past The Finish Line", my life as a retired racing greyhound. I was impressed, and sent along a note, just to say "hello" and perhaps, once the timing's right, make a friend for playdates once we get a dog of our own.


Please, if you're so inclined, check Rufus out here:




(If, for some reason, this link doesn't work for you, just google "rufus greyhound" and "Past The Finish Line" will come up.)

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Forever Home on December 20, 2012
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Guest SealDogMermaid

That is such a great idea! What a cool and fun way to get the word out about retired racers! I get so many compliments and interest in our dogs - that would be such a great thing to hand out! Very inspiring, thanks for sharing! :-)

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