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I am not sure if this is the right place to post this or not, but it does have to do with Da Vid's medical condition. I have 4 steps from the porch to the back yard and he cannot and probably will never be able to use them again. I need a ramp that will work for me. It needs to be able to stay outside all of the time. I think finding someone to build one will be way to expensive. Does anyone have any suggestions? It has been 3 months since his back surgery and he is still on 7 pills every 8 hours round the clock. Wish I had this to do over, because we would not! Thanks.

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It needn't be too expensive to adapt something already made like one of those dog agility ramps. Look up makers. This one is fairly expensive but I'm sure there are more affordable...




Maybe you need something tidy made on one side of the steps with a rail?


I have one of those Petsafe ramps that folds in 3 sections and it's nice and wide (dogs like that) but Peggy doesn't much care for the sandpaper like surface. I only use it to get her out of the car as we park on a steep slope. She maybe also doesn't like that it rebounds like a springboard.


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A quick fix would be to get a piece of plywood and have the store cut it lengthwise so you have (two) 2 x 8 foot pieces. Get some bricks and place them underneath the plywood on each of the steps - the bricks will brace up the plywood. You can get some outdoor carpet and tack it to the plywood. You also want to get a metal bracket/hinge to hold the plywood to the top of the porch.


If the 8 foot section is not long enough, you can get some hinges and hinge the two pieces together to give you 16 feet. With a hinge, one way will allow you to close the two pieces together and the other way will keep it open. You could also use a straight bracket for the connection.


You might need to make the plywood wider than two feet - it will depend on how wide your current stairs are - if they are 30 inches wide for example, you probably just want to have the plywood cover all the stairs ...


If you do use plywood, make sure to cover it completely with carpet, the wood can get slippery when there are frost conditions.


I'm sorry your boy is not feeling better yet, hopefully it will just take a little more time and he'll be OK.

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We used the above solution (plywood) with my old dog who limped due to ACL injuries as she got older. We just got a piece of wood (maybe 2.5 feet wide?) and duct taped a cheap mat runner to it (if the mat has a rubber backing you can put it on backwards for extra grip). We leaned it on the stairs going into the back door and it worked just fine :)

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