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Flex Ig...very Worried...again

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Flex my Ig..had major issues this summer. high fever, unable to stand. xrays showed multiple discs involved. treated with iv steroids and then oral taper. he finished the steroids friday. was supposed to start metacam tomorrow. This morning he wasn't too hungry..walking hunched over again, hair up on his back (typically means he doesn't feel good). then i noticed a huge swelling on the side of his face under his ear..he has had auto-immune issues in the past and I am still thinking this back issue was actually immune related. Now this...and I have to go back to work this morning (teacher). he has no fever. I will call my vet this morning and get him in as soon as possible after work. vet doesn't open until 8am..and I have to be at work by then. should i give him a benadryl to be sure it isn't some allergic thing? something similar to this happened twice before. just to rule it out. I am worried leaving him here as the swelling seems to have increased? thanks!

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