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Getting Another Dog

Guest pippadog

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Guest pippadog



We had our greyhound Arthur about three months ago. He initially was extremely nervous but now sleeps with us in the lounge and is a lot more friendly. Obviously the transition from racing to home life was very difficult for him. But now he's great. He still doesn't come upstairs but he loves a cuddle and gives the most gorgeous greyhound smiles when we walk into the room. Anyway we went back to the greyhound rescue Friday and took Arthur with us just to show them how he'd improved and how proud we were with him. We met a lovely female greyhound who was very affectionate and they seemed to get on fine. Mostly ignoring each other. Arthur is three and this prospective female is a little older at five. She seems a lot more outgoing, she loves affection and has the most gorgeous overshot jaw and she's previously been used for breeding.


Anyway we are considering rehoming her. Before Arthur we had a golden retriever and a springer. So we are not greyhound savvy people. Any suggestions about rehoming two greyhound together. A male and a female. I think my husband would like another golden retriever bitch, but to be honest I've set my heart on this female greyhound and I think she could be ideal. How are they together and can there be any initial problems?


Thanks for all your advice




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The second greyhound is much easier that the first one - as this dog will learn the ropes of living in your home from your resident greyhound. They are masters of watching the other dog to learn what is expected of them. You see this when you foster dogs off of the track - they really do learn from watching your current dog(s).


Could you see if the rescue group would be willing to let you foster her with intent to adopt? That way you can give her a trial run, make sure that Arthur is happy with her and she is a good fit for your home, before you commit to her. Most greyhounds love being around their own kind.


I hope things will work out and you'll be able to add this little lady to your family.

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Guest Scouts_mom

I think greys are always happier with another grey in their house. It sounds like they would get along fine and you may see your boy lose some of his nerves. So I say go for it!

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If you're interested in companionship for Arthur, you might consider a second male. If the dog is primarily for YOU, then by all means, get the girl! I find that two males tend to bond more tightly than a male and MOST females (not all of course). Females tend to be more interested in themselves...


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Guest abarnet1

I just got a second one. We had our first one for about 6 months before we decided to get her a friend. We took her with us to get a second one. We got another female. There is a several years age difference between the 2. She does seem to be adjusting to the routine faster than the first. She seems to be learning from the first. I am hoping for the best for my 2. Will keep you posted on the progress between my 2. I have only had one greyhound at a time. This is my first time for 2.

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