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I also use an equine product called Recovery EQ. It is on your Smartpak list.


The same company makes a similar canine product, but of course it is more expensive....it is chicken flavoured.

Both my Vet and the company said the equine product is perfectly fine for dogs.....1/4 tsp per 20 pounds.


edited to say that I also feed the Recovery EG to one of my horses with fantastic results. He has small bone spurs in his hocks.

He was on Cosequin for over 2 years, but the Recovery is much more effective, for only a slightly higher price. And the higher price is worth it for the wonderful results I am seeing in my horse.

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I do use an equine supplement for my hounds but it is not on your list.





This one is excellent. You can also find it at Big Dee's Tack (though it's always fun to call up the gang at Horsemenstack :) ). Dose is 1 tsp BID.

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