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Jake Has The Big D

Guest Jakestheman

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Guest Jakestheman

Last week, Jake's feces began to be very mucousy and it quickly became diarrhea. After 3 days of diarrhea he was still crampy and straining, so he also had some blood coming out and very watery diarrhea in small amounts.



We took him to the vet who gave him probiotics, antibiotics, a subutaneous fluid pouch, and said rice and meat bland diet.



We kept him on the rice and meat diet for 4 days, thought things were improving with some more solid poops and no blood, and started mixing his food back in. After 2 days of regular food diet, his diarrhea has returned with a little bit blood again, so for the last 3 meals he is back on rice and meat.


What is going on with him??? He has never had anything like this before and we are pretty worried and stressed. The vet spoke with me on the phone and seemed to think maybe I started him on the food too quickly and to do rice and meat for 5 or 6 days before SLOWLY mixing food back in.


We did do a feces culture, and it came back negative for any parasites.


We switched his bag of food out for a different batch in case there were any bacteria in that.



He is still hungry, asking us for normal food often and excited when the rice and meat is put down for him. He will still occasionally play with toys, but he hasn't done that as much lately anyways, so that's no change.



What is up with our child???? :(

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Is he still on the antibiotics? If not, he might need a longer course of treatment.


I'm glad he's liking his rice and meat and seems to feel well. Hope you can get his problems sorted out and resolved soon.

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Contact your vet and let them know what's going on. You might want to ask for some cans of W/D. It's a high fiber food that works by bulking the stool and slowly "things" down. I would feed that until you get two days of normal stool then, slowly wean back onto his regular food. I always take a lot of heat whenever I recommend a Hills product but, this food works super well for diarrhea-- I have seen it resolve diarrhea time after time.. Personally, I would feed whatever made my dog feel and get better but, to each his own.

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I got into this same thing with Larry with the diarrhea ... a few weeks ago he started with the diarrhea - always at night and having to go out every hour and straining but, in his case there was no blood. With Larry, there were a few things that might have caused it - he got into Lucy's chicken, he drank bad water outside, and he was on an anti-inflammatory for his fractured toe. Stopped the anti-inflammatory, checked for worms (none), and chicken is now totally banned in the house as Lucy is also getting sensitive. Got Larry on Flagyl and within a day or so he was OK.


Four weeks later the same thing started up again - got the Flagyl again and this time Larry is also on Flori-Flora probiotic. He always gets oatmeal every day but, in addition I'm going to up his fiber intake a bit more hoping to "slow things down" as mentioned in the last post. I'm also making sure that he's getting treats before he goes to bed so he doesn't have an empty tummy. We did have a stressful situation here that occurred right before the diarrhea started again which might have cause Larry's "second incident" but, it's hard to tell. Note, Larry is on a home-cooked diet so he's always getting rice and beef with vegetables.


Personally, I always worry about letting diarrhea go on for too long because there's no telling whether it could lead to other digestive problems later because the GI system gets so inflammed.


It sounds like you have done everything that would be recommended ...the bland diet, the stool check, the antibiotic, probiotic. As the vet suggested, you might want to keep giving the bland diet for longer and make it a much more gradual transition and see if it happens again. If is happens again with the transition to the dog food then you could be dealing with an allergy to something in that dog food. Just because a dog was not sensitive before does not mean that they cannot develop allergies in the future and it could manifest the way that you have described.


If it is a food allergy, then there are commercial limited ingredient dog foods that you can try to see if something works (I've used the Natural balance Venison and sweet potatoes for fosters). There is also the prescription food like I/D and Z/D but, they are expensive.


Good Luck

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Guest LuckyGrey

Can you rule out Irritable Bowel Disorder? It took us a very long to diagnose Princess when she was with us. After that, we had her on a home cooked diet designed by the vet hospital with supplements. We also uses Tylan when it acted up. However, I hope by the time you read this, Jake is feeling better.

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