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Update On Fuzzy's Sheath Infection

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We went back to the internist today for a re-check on the sheath infection. He has been on cephalexin for about 3 weeks now. She said "all clear". There was no discharge or pus hiding in the shaft. The bacteria slides showed many different kinds of germs. But she explained, some bacteria is normal. The fungal test came back negative.


Dr. Anderson would like Fuzzy to remain on the antibiotics for another two weeks; the intention being to make sure that we knock it out of him. Also, we should take him back to Dr. Newman for a check up, two weeks after we finish the meds.


As an aside, I brought Fuzzy's back and hip x-rays for her to look at. She said there was some slight arthritis. I told her he recently had another back episode and she agreed with the orthopedist who said, he may just be a dog who will occasionally have back issues. Dr. Anderson said she has a dog who was diagnosed with some disc problems and she didn't want to do the surgery on her dog. The dog has gone nine years, with only occasional issues.

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Guest jettcricket

Hey Irene....that's greyt about Fuzzy's infection. Finally! Keeping good thoughts that Fuzzy's back problems are few if none at all.

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Finally :yay

Fingers crossed it is gone for good :goodluck


What she said. :nod


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