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Won't Eat Much All Of A Sudden

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Not sure whether to post this in Medical or Food, but here goes.


I've fed Tracker TOTW (3 cups a day) since we've got him a little over a year ago, plus 2/3lb frozen raw meat per day. Whenever I changed the flavors of either, there never was a problem. Recently, I switched the kibble to Evo red meat, just to give him a wider range of food sources. He had no problem with that. Then, ca 2 weeks into that, I started to gradually switch from frozen raw to the Honest Kitchen (dehydrated), just because I was tired of messing with the chubs. Just as I was beginning to make the transition from raw to HK, I gave Tracker a cow hoof (for dogs). He vomited up a splinter the following night. No more of those hooves for him. Then, two nights later, he vomited up several pieces of a knuckle bone type body part (for dogs). No more of that, either. He's had this in the past that he was a little less hungry after he's vomited up things, but he would always go back to his normal appetite within two days or so. Now, however, this has persisted for a week: he hardly touches the kibble (and I even bought a different Evo flavor to see whether that was the problem, and he ate that, initially w/o problems); and while he seemed to like HK initially, now he'll only eat it (but pretty decent portions of it), if I either hand feed it to him or stick the bowl under his nose. Plus, he's always eaten in the morning and in the evening; now he won't touch anything, even hand fed, before ca 2pm.


I'm ready to take him to the vet now. He's been there a fair number of times for a variety of things and it's ALWAYS been false alarm. That's why I've waited for 6-7 days now. And he'll ultimately still eat about 2/3 of his regular amounts, just at these really odd times, and only when I bring it to him.


In EVERY other way his behavior and energy level are completely normal. He's 4.5 years old. No other changes.


I'm wondering whether there could still be a splinter in his tummy. But he shows no signs of discomfort. Or can eating habits change greatly in such a short time? Or is he just suddenly grossed out by the different food, some of which he's eaten w/o problems so far?


At any rate, I'll call the vet tomorrow, but I was wondering what other peoples' experience has been.


Oh yes, and his bowel movements etc are normal, also.

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If he hasn't been eating well for a week, I'd want his mouth/teeth checked well and, given his history, an abdominal x-ray.


Best luck!

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I'd have pancreatic function checked too. Beth went through a spate of not wanting to eat normally for a week or two last winter, and by early spring (after a prolonged D incident) we diagnosed her as being just under the borderline for pancreatitis. Given that you're feeding him Evo, a high-fat food, I'd want to rule out any pancreatic issue because if there is something a food like that is definitely going to make it worse. Beth is doing much better on a low-fat diet.

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Yes, get the vet to X-Ray for foreign objects inside, check for Liver/Pancreas/Gallbladder issues, but also add a request for Kidney Function as getting picky over food is one of the first signs of trouble.

With a bit of luck it will just be a sore stomach lining which Sucralfate (Antepsin) could sort out.

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I'd be worried about a foreign object especially since there has been ingestion of "bones". If it was me I would be heading to the vet for an x-ray. Checking the mouth/teeth is a good idea because there is a chance that there is a splinter lodged there. I might also go with having blood work with a urinalysis just to make sure there is no underlying condition that might be causing the problem.


Good luck

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