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Training To Potty In One Area?

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Ok, so I moved into my house a month ago & should have started the training right then...


But, is it still possible to teach the dogs to go potty in just the back of the yard? At first they did this, now they go all over...although the last couple of days they are pottying right by the deck. I want to be able to walk off the deck without landing in piles of poo...


So, any good suggestions? They do have a dog door...but would one of those pee posts work for more than just number 1?



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Pee Posts don't work for either number...Don't waste your money.


Get a traffic cone or two (if you can't find an old one they are about 10 bucks at the hardware store, or Home Depot / Lowes have really tall ones for a few bucks more. We have one in the turnout area and 99% of the time, this is where Rocket pees. Keeps him from peeing on the AC unit or on the house.


You might try getting a roll of temporary plastic fencing and fence off one area of the yard and restrict their turnouts to that area until they get the message that there is a potty area and it's not the same as the play area. Potty breaks first in that area, then let them into the rest of the yard after they've done their business.


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Guest BrindleBabes

I've been able to train my girls to pee in the ivy at my last house and behind the pine trees in my current house. All I've done is use good treats, walk them over to the area and reward (and praise) like crazy when they do what I want. After two years I still send them out with a "go pee" command and give them a treat when they finish.


I don't have a doggy door, so I'm not sure how they'd do without supervision.

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Guest shanesmom

Elton is trained to only go potty in the woods at my mother's. Half her fenced in property is wooded with a trail just for the dogs to walk through and the other half is grass. He knows not to potty in the grass. Just like training him not to go in the house. He was told a firm no the few times he started to potty in the grass and then rewarded with a treat and praise when he went in the woods. This was a few years ago. Now he knows and just trots down the trail in the woods when he has to go. Since I don't have a fenced in yard and she lives down the street we go there often.

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yes, it's possible.


I rent an upstairs apt. in a house but am allowed to use my landlord's backyard. Since the beginning I would lead him, on leash, to to the edge of the fence in the backyard and he has learned to poo there only. He occasionally pees elsewhere but for the most part he has learned to go right to the back for number 2 deposits.

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Guest Wasserbuffel

We started by using cheap plastic fencing to section off an area and trained Jayne to use it. After a few month she would go into it on her own if she had to go during playtime. She's gone in the main yard a couple times, but mostly she goes in her area.


Earlier this spring, I modified the fence to restrict her only to the patio and her area. So, now when it's just potty time she stays there. When it's play time I open the gate and she can run the rest of the yard.



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Guest ShanYu

Nike knows which corner of the back yard he is supposed to use. Sometime he tries to sneak in a pee in another corner - but we just need to point to the correct place and (usually with a cheeky grin knowing that he has been caught!) off he goes. He just needs a reminder once in a while.

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