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Is She Part Goat?

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One of the dogs, I suspect Sallie but I'm not sure, ate a nylon tag collar today. I came home and found the metal name tag and the plastic buckle chewed up, but the collar itself is nowhere to be found. I looked outside as best I could (It's already dark), but the evidence was all on a dog bed in the living room, so I don't think it's outside.


What should I look for? Should I start to panic yet? Everyone seems fine at the moment. It could have happened anytime today, but the leftover bits were dry, so I don't think it just happened. Someone ate a leather buckle collar a month or so ago, but I found the metal buckle, so I wasn't as worried, and no one had any problems.

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Did you find any pieces of cloth? If so, were they small pieces? If so, hopefully the rest of the collar went down in small pieces. The dog may vomit it up. You may find it in poop in a day or 2. Or worst case scenario, it could cause a blockage. If any of the dogs start to act off, even in a week or 2, bring them to the vet, because the blockage could show up later. Keep on the look out, hopefully it comes out soon and painlessly.

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