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Corny Question

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Ok, Tractor has a corn. I'm going to try the duct tape hulling, but I need to know how often to change it. Also, I may try to pack with with Abreva, but I was wondering if something like Compound W would work, since corns have a "head" that sounds similar to a Plantar's Wart? Or if that's not a good plan?


This seems to be the place to ask.


Woops, should have gone in health...

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Check the duct tape daily, but it only needs to be changed every 2 or 3 days--whenever it starts to look 'tattered'. Check it daily because sometimes they do fall off without you knowing it.


I don't know if the duct tape would stick if you put medication under it.... :unsure Abreva is one of the few things I haven't tried.

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Guest Maloy

My foster boy has corns. He had a big one and my vet recommended an oil called "Thuja Oil", it is an oil made from white cedar and is for plantar warts etc. The oil should be put on the corn only with a q-tip and wash your hands after. My vet is also trained in holistic care, as well. This will take patience because the oil works on the underlying cause of the corn (virus). Eventually, the corn came up and my vet hulled most of it out. The little bit left is now just fading away and he has no problems walking on any surface. Google to find more info on it and you may be able to find it in natural food stores. I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and I found it in a specialty store.


My sweet angel boy had corns on all four paws and I wish that I had this when he was here.


Good luck.

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Abreva works on the virus that causes cold sores, which are theorized to also cause corns in Greyhounds. I believe Compound W does nothing but "burn" warts off. I would not put it on my dog.


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Guest Houndstown

We also use our dremmel on corns. We bought it for their nails, but since corns are hard we found we can use it on them a little at a time and it doesn't hurt the hounds. Eventually the corn wears down enough to where we can just "pop" it out. It really works well.

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