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Itchy Skin On Face/head Scabs (Pics)

Guest Volcano

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Guest Volcano

Hi Everyone,


For a little over a week now our Volcano has had an itchy face and he managed to scratch so much that he has little scabs that peel off and bleed. I am thinking that it might be the dry air? We live in Chicago and the air has been very dry so I am suspecting that might be a possiblity here? I am cranking up the humidifier tonight but wondered if anyone else on the board has had experience with something that looks similar. Pics are below for reference.



2 daily feedings of Salmon Fromm Dog Food

1 peanut butter biscuit after the evening walk before bedtime.


Energy level is great he is super playful and not lethargic at all. No vomitting just this skin scratching issue with the face.





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It could be something as simple as an allergy, either to food or fleas or something more like a staph infection. Might want to vet to take a look and rule out any infection and go from there.

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I think if it were my dog I would want a vet to look at it before trying recommendations I got from a msg board that may not help at all, or could make things worse. The folks here are pretty savvy, but they can't replace the expertise of a veterinarian.

I would suspect that it is something more than just the dry air causing it.

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Guest HHHounds

Looks kind of like the itchy sores that Candyman had on his back - vet looked at it and determined it was staph infection... Cleared up pretty quick with medicine and ointment! Best of luck to your itchy hound!

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