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Emma's Tail Amputation-Second Actually!

Guest twoskinnydogs

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Guest twoskinnydogs

Has anyone else had a grey with a tail amputation? My 11 year old had her tail closed in a door by one of the kids two weeks ago. She had a minor amputation of about 4 inches. Then after the stitches were removed she decided that she could reach her tail with the e-collar on and she really tore it up. Last Tuesday she had a second amputation leaving her with only about 5 or 6 inches of tail. I removed the bandage Friday night per her vets instructions. The nub appears a little swollen today and I was wondering if the edema was normal after removing the bandage???

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I had the horror of my girly Grey's tail getting closed in the storm door. You could say she had two amputations since... feeling sick just writing this... when the door closed on her tail she launched forward with all her speed & the force pulled the door shut completely, severing 4 inches of her tail. The remaining tail had an inch or so of crushed bone at the end. Enough of the description. It required surgery to amputate a few more inches.


No, I saw no swelling or edema at bandage changes. Thankfully she left it alone. We never needed the cone that I can recall. She's very good that way. I would be concerned your pup might be starting with some infection. Are you due for a recheck at the vet any time soon? If the swelling remains for a couple days or gets worse I would want it checked. You may want to call the vet tomorrow morning to find out if the surgeon thinks some localized swelling is a normal possibility.


Hope all is well very soon. Tell your girl I think stubby tailed Greys are very cute. :)

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Valentino had no swelling after his amputation. Since she managed to tear it up you might check with the vet, there may be some infection in there.

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I recently went through this with Galga Mafi. I found that I had to keep her tail well-covered for several weeks after surgery, or she'd be all over it, yanking out sutures. Here's what I devised that worked very well.


I covered the tip of her tail stump with a newborn-size cotton sock (if it's oozing, you can always put a small dressing inside of it). I then bandaged over it (to keep her from yanking at it) and several inches above it with Co-Ban (Vet-Wrap). I then used Elastikon tape (like an ace wrap but with adhesive) to tape the top of the bandage to the top of the tail stump.This held it on very well, and it was fairly easy to remove. If the hair is shaven, it's even easier.


Here's the sock:




Here it is with the Co-Ban wrap covering it. I had not yet put on the Elastikon but the arrow points to where it would go. (I used the 2" Elastikon.)




This is Elastikon, which your vet should be able to give you. You can also buy it either at a medical supply store, or in any pharmacy where the athletic wraps and splints are kept.




And here's Mafi's feeling about the whole thing:




I hope this helps!


ETA: I agree with having the vet check the stump for any signs of infection. The other thought would be that the wrapping was too tight, causing the tip of the stump to swell.

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Take care with the Elastikon. It can pull the dog's hair out and/or irritate bare skin.


You can "mellow" the stickiness of the tape. When you first pull it off the roll, stick it to your shirt or pants leg so it picks up a bit of fuzz. Then use it to tape the dog. It should still be plenty sticky, without risking that it'll harm the dog when you have to pull it off.

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Guest twoskinnydogs

Swelling went away overnight, I still checked with the vet. He told me that the bandage they put on could have been too tight and that when I removed the tape (which they stuck to bare skin) irritated the stump. All is good now, thanks for the advice everyone!!!

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