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Noelle Is Home

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Of course Noelle just had to wake up an hour early this morning & had to wait until she was at the vet's for breakfast. To say she wasmost unhappy is putting it mildly! The entire ride down she told me how starved she was & that I was abusing her. Any of you with a whippet know what that sounded like. We've upped her pheno & reduced her insulin 2 units a shot. Both vets have a lot of experince with diabetic dogs but she is their first EPI patient so they are extra concerned about how she reacts. I'd taken 2 prepared meals for her but they still had to give her a small snack late in the afternoon so I hope there is no reaction ( dire rears as we call it on the EPI list). Next month she is going to have a dental done as her mouth is terrible & I'm getting the discount just as if she was getting done in Feb. These men are more expensive but they really care about their clients & small breaks like this are so nice. After getting din-din Noelle has gone to bed for a nap, after all it's hard to be at the vets all day. Sure was quiet here without her, even with 7 greys all over.

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