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Night Time Routine

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Guest Happytails

I am really not sure if this is the right place for this, maybe it should be in health.


Bunny is 12 going on 13 in March and could be best described as strong willed!. Walks are her route and deviation from that route is followed by a statue with her holding the leash in her mouth. She loves her food but it must be a certain food and way otherwise its no go! And she has certain beds she likes and others well she has what can only be described as a little tantrum of stomping feet and shakes!


She must sound like a bit of a spoilt princess? But she is a very loving dog who is always happy to see you and loves attention and company.


Bunny has also always been very good at telling us when she wanted something. Fist of all the ear pop up, then a shake of the tags and if you still aren't paying attention the air barks come.


Until mid-december, everything was fine, and while we were on holiday bunny had a slip at a friend's house (her ex foster) who was looking after her. She was having accidents, not eating and barely walking. She has always had spine issues from her racing days but with some work, some anti-inflamitories and robaxin she is virtually back to normal.


Well most of the time.....


Bunny since being away has taken to getting up at 3:30 4am! She more often not she will go ing to the lounge, then come back to the bedroom and then shake for DW or I to move into the lounge with her! If we ignore we get the air bark routine.


So one of us moves out to the lounge ( mainly DW as I am dead to the world!) and all is at peace again!


I will add that whilst all of this is going on the other 2 are dead to the world!


On top of that she is pooping in the house ocassionaly during the night time. I don't think she means to and when she gets us up in the night we guide her for the door but the temperature hasn't got over freezing in months and she HATES the cold and the ice and will refuse to head outside.



We supposed to be going to a wedding in England in 2 weeks and she is going to stay with some other friends of our who also have a senior grey who needs out literally every 4 hours but we are not sure if we can put on them the commandant bun bun routine!


Any suggestions, or advice would be much appreciated!


Oh and the mandatory pic of the Princess Comandant Bunny



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I have a 12 year old that I have to get up in the middle of the night, every night, to let her out to go to the bathroom because she can't hold it all night any more. I think most of your sweeties issues are age related. Just as people get older they start to have sleep problems (ask me how I know that one) and we can't seem to hold it all night either. If she's been to a vet and is healthy for her age, unfortunately I think you'll just have to adjust to her little quirks. I'd just make sure that whoever is watching her knows about her special needs at this point.

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She sounds like my Fern. Fern isn't as old but has had a couple of strokes so her mind, bladder, & bowls don't always work like they used to. During the day I make sure she goes out several times but at night she will try to get to the back door by herself but doesn't always make it. As Judy said age is hard on us older ones (I'm lots older than Judy so can say it's the pitts!) Fern is also one of the quietest dogs I've ever had so I don't always hear her whimper. I can forgive her accidents much quicker than the 3 yr foster boy that has suddenly decided to mark all over right after being outside. If your friends have a senior they probably have times when they face the same things so just talk to them.

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