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Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (Maldigestive Disorder)

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Guest Energy11

I am sorry you and your houndie are going through this!


I have not had any experience with it, but I do understand the terms, and what it all means. I found you this website, and I hope it helps.


The Pancreas not only provides insulin to the body to break down sugars in the blood, but it also provides digestive enzymes. Without these disgestive enzymes, food cannot be broken down and processed by the body ... I think this is what you are dealing with.


I hope this article helps, and I want to send you love and lots of prayers, too! Dee



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Try different enzymes to put on the food. Tavarish actually does perfectly fine with Dr Goodpet Canine Enzymes and that poor boy was knocking on deaths' door when he was diagnosed. (he was on pancrezyme from the vet and that stuff was $$$$ - worked, but $$$$)


There is a forum/group for EPI, I didn't join because I really just felt they asked for way too much info to join. Others on here can tell you the address for it since I've forgotten.


Foods that work for an EPI dog will vary depending on the dog. It will be trial and error.

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Jodie had a gluten intolerance as well as IBD with her pancreatic insuffiency, so I ended up cooking for her. Slick ate regular kibble and had no problems as long as he took the Panakare. Shadow was on enzymes for several months after his near fatal pancreatic attack and ate kibble with no problems.

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Guest BiancasMom

My sister's GSD had Pacreatic Insufficiencey as well as IBD. She was able to eat Hill's I/d or Iams Low Residue with the Pancreatic Enzymes added (Viokase). I know those foods are not known as the best to some, but when your dog has medical issues, it works great! Also takes less time to prepare compared to a home cooked diet. Her dog did well...lived a long life and was managed well.e

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Little Phantom has both exocrine AND endocrine pancreatic insufficiencies... hence her juvenile diabetes and soft, air-filled poops. I give her 3 Panakare tablets with each meal (I try to remember 10 minutes before but that doesn't always happen). I'll have to look into the one that Trudy mentioned. Of course, I work for the vet and get mine at a discount so that helps with the price.


Good luck to that boy and I hope this doesn't stop someone from adopting him. It really isn't that big of a deal.

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