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So Many Antibiotics

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Missy is on 150mg of macrobid ( she gets generic) (just started..for 3 months) and 1000mg. of amox. for 10 days ( 2 left)..for major uti issues. typically my best eater..she is now turning her nose up at food. I am sure the antbx. are causing her to lose her appetite. this would be a good thing since she is Fat!..but she gets so many supplements for her back, arthritis issues...i am worrying she is not getting enough. i cut down her food..but still not eating it all. how can i help her stomach out? pepcid? anything else suggested?

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I do: 1 regular-strength pepcid (10mg famotidine is the generic), wait 30-40 minutes, feed meal or decent-sized snack, then give meds. If dog doesn't need extra weight and you have to give pills more times per day than meals, I just divide the meals up to suit.

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Guest Energy11

When I give mine antibiotics, I give 20 mg of GENERIC Pepcid AC, which really seems to help the tummy. I do the same, if I am on them.


Unless the antibiotics specifically say not to give with dairy products, I also give these with plain, unflavored yogurt, to my greyts.


Good Luck! Maybe adding something "special" to the food would help, as well. Something like baby food meat, or anything your baby loves!

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