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Guest jupiterooos

I can't come up with anything more eloquent than that title at the moment.


Just took the dogs for a walk, they emptied out (seemingly) and we went back in so they could have dinner. And then, as I was doing dishes, Angler hopped up on our bed and peed. All over the mattress, the heavy comforter....


I really do not know what to do about this. In the past when I have posed the question as to why my dogs will often pee like crazy outdoors, and then wet on stuff inside right after, I have been told they haven't peed enough. Seems logical. But we can walk and walk, they pee and pee, and then they save a little for the inside! And yes, both dogs have been tested for...everything you can think of. They are physically fine. It's clearly behavioral. But I am at my wit's end here...and honestly? Angler is DH's favorite dog, but he is going to flip when he gets home from a long day at work and can't go to bed because it's pee-soaked. And I really can't blame him. I was one step away from doing something desperate when I saw it.


This is really more a rant than seeking advice, because I don't know that anyone can help. But I will take all suggestions anyway.

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Ok here's a reply that will confirm every ones suspicions that I am crazy. Animal communicator! Lol I swear every time potty training gets really bad with sunshine a call to our friend Jackie gives us instant results. On our last chat Jackie was quite mean and asked Sunshine if she liked living with us... Because she cannot keep pottying inside and stay with us! (Now you would have to pry her out of our cold dead hands, but the dog doesn't know that) Sunshine says that its easier to go inside and sometimes she just forgets to go outside. We were told to us the phrase "you need to go now" and remind her if she's messing around outside instead of peeing. We are almost at 3 dry weeks since she was read the riot act! 8 months and the darn dog still isn't reliably trained she makes us look like idiots! I feel your frustration and sometimes all you can do is lock yourself in the bathroom for a bit to calm down w/o killing the dog.




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I would use the communicator for entertainment purposes, but not for this. Sorry.


Anway, if you are willing to do the work, you can fix this.


Start from the beginning.


Tether him to you when you can not be on top of him.


Belly band him the second you walk back in the house with him.


Give him a course of antibiotics- sometimes UTIs don't show but respond to antibiotics.


Put a mattress pad on the bed- you want to get the smell out so he doesn't continue to mark.


this is workable.



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Guest jupiterooos

I'm sorry.... can you just close the door to the bed room?


Er, yes. But then the pee goes somewhere else. I had no idea he would pee on the bed - that just seems so odd.

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