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Another Flex (Ig) Update

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I took Flex back in today for a follow up of his allergic reaction/ear/uti infection.

Good news: he gain one pound back of the 2 he lost. He uti is improving.

Bad news:

1. ear: actually has hives in his ear from the reaction..continue with the drops.

2. Eye: right pupil still larger than left..it does not get smaller when light is shined in it. My vet had one of the other vets look at him as well..she checked for something similar to Bells Palsey..no. He shows no neurological symptoms. They said something about his retina..I really don't remember what they explained as I was getting nervous. He also has cataracts..so he must be older than we thought. He came from the pound..so his age is a mystery. She has him down as about 10..He is seeing out of the eye.

She wants him to be seen my ophtomologist..;the soonest appt. I could get was feb 18th..gave her a call she said that was ok unless he begins to look not right to call her and she would help get him in sooner.

I am worried about my little (old) man.

He does have auto-immune issues..I forgot to ask her if there could be any relation to it and his eye.

Thanks. Donna

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Guest Energy11

No real advice for Flex ... wish I had some! My son's IG, Galiath, 12.5, has had some MAJOR pain issues this week. They think there was some traume to his lower lumbar spine. These small babies are more fragile than one thinks!


Flex could very well be older than you think, and his issues, autoimmune. I HOPE you get to the bottom of it all, VERY soon! Sending love, hugs and prayers ... Dee, The Five, my son, Sean, and HIS IG, Galiath!

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Donna- check your voice mail and PM!



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