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Cedar Reaction?


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I know Greyhounds can have a reaction to cedar but I've never seen it before. After Reggie's trip to the vet today, we think that's what's bugging him. He developed a rash on his belly in the last two weeks, coincidentally around the same time as we brought home a new Costco bed. Last night we brought home another. Now I've had to drag out the flatter (and hence, less desirable) polyfill beds and Reggie's on two weeks of Simplicef (for his skin infection), two weeks of Hydroxyzine (antihistamine) and I have to shampoo him twice in Hexadene. Hopefully this will clear everything up.


Just wondering if anyone's ever dealt with a reaction to cedar before? And can I keep the beds as long as he doesn't use them? I've put them all in our bedroom and he sleeps in bed between us (which was cute at first but has now become somewhat frustrating. We can't budge him. :rolleyes:)so I know he won't use them there. Believe me, I've tried.

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Guest vahoundlover

I'm not certain but highly suspect Curly is allergic to cedar. We have several costco beds and Curly was scratching raw spots on his face. I changed his food and tho it helped, the scratching didn't diminish completely. I read on GT about someone else's dog having an allergic reaction to the cedar so I pulled up all the beds and bathed him. It didn't take long for the scratching to completely stop. The others really liked the beds so I put them in the crates that don't border Curlys.

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Ditch the cedar fill in the bed and replace with some human bed pillows. :)


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