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  1. The following greyhounds from your watchlist are entered in races: Nb's Fugitive, Orange Park, 01/23/2016, Afternoon, race 9, post #3. Polar Vortex, Wheeling, 01/23/2016, Afternoon, race 20, post #8.
  2. Polar Vortex had a great race today. Her second race at grade C and she smoked 'em. Darn close to box to wire! She loves this new to her track, wheeling.
  3. Thank you for the link. 61 is a nice size, but still small compared to most of the boys. I had been looking to for the virtual kennel link! I had to delete flying han solo, and winsor's chief. They are both retired and Solo is gracing my couch.
  4. Polar Vortex raced Saturday 10/31 @ wheeling. Finally got her stride and had a great race, moving up on the outside to finally get that elusive win in grade D. C here she comes! http://m.trackinfo.com/index.jsp?next=resultsrace&raceid=gWD$20151031A13 She looks like a really little girl. Where can I find a current weight? Ghdata is probably not recent.
  5. She didn't like the deep track. In her races that I watched she tried. Never gave up.
  6. Polar Vortex is moving to Wheeling. She turned two Saturday the 19th.
  7. Both my dogs are healthy and fed a variety of Orajen. No food issues, but I do add frozen veggies to some of their meals, other times they get a sprinkling of the dehydrated carrots. I use turnip greens, spinach, Italian mix with carrots, Italian green beans, zucchini, lima beans& cauliflower, also California mix with broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and something else I don't remember. Also just lima beans, which Grace loves. As occasional snacks they get whole frozen Brussel sprouts. Summer and zucchini squash too. If I do dehydrating I'd add sweet potatoes too. Traveling throws a kink into the plan. Can you use frozen veggies to dehydrate? While still frozen or should they be defrosted first? Then tossed into a food processor.
  8. Warm compresses on the dark spots. clean sores, then pat dry then lightly apply triple antibiotic ointment?
  9. Yeah, halise and Martha met me for breakfast one morning and said they had the perfect name for a Billy dog.. Billy Sr tend to use short phonetic names. Arctic vortex, spelling it 'R-tic Vortex' An auction had just come up with 3 pups available for naming. Two fawns, i think and a white with a black spot. I had an early bid in on a fawn, but shifted over to the white dog due to the name. Gave Steve three names artic vortex, polar vortex and I do not recall the third. He picked his choice and put it into the nga.
  10. I won the rights to name a puppy and she is Polar Vortex! It was a combined effort with friends Martha and Halise. She finally won her maiden the other night!
  11. I watched a dog for his many years of racing but never knew if I would be able to bring him home as someone else wanted him, the kennel owners wife. SO i knew I was down on the list as a future home. But anyway, i started watching him as he had a roman nose, but i had never seen it, those track muzzles hide that wonderful aspect. I watched what would be his last two races, he was up and down the grades, and tracks and distances, But his second to last race he won, 660, grade C at Derby Lane, next race was a 660, B. He pulled up in the last turn, finished OOP. Next day I got the word, hed torn a hind muscle, did i want to drive to Abilene to get him? um, no, done the drive a few times, 25+ hours. He got his free ride back to his home kennel, Flying Eagle. After nationals he caught a ride on a hauler going to wheeling, i drove from GiG. Midnight meeting in a motel parking lot in Ohio! And he came home with me. Flying Han Solo Thank you Shelley Lake for letting me know about him and following along with his career.
  12. Thank you, he did have some good races and he liked the 660. He retired the 7/8 of April and now is here with me. Thank you.
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