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What Is A Dog's Normal Temp?

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We are at one week of toothless Lucy, and so far it has been going ok. One thing that has been getting progressively more noticable, is in the evening she starts shivering. I hadn't been too concerned since she was still on antibiotics, and she finished the last one this morning. I thought it was because she was hungry or needed her pain meds, but tonight she is heat seeking and is under a blanket which she never does. She had dropped weight before the dental and now after I can see she has lost a couple more pounds, so I am doing 3-4 meals a day for right now.


I think it is from the lack of body fat (now that I typed all this out), but I figured I would check and see what her temp is, and make sure it is normal.



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I know you said it's been a week since the dental and her temp is now normal. But just an fyi, anesthesia lowers their body temp but it usually returns to normal pretty quickly.

Hope the 'hot dog' feels better today


Missing my little Misty who took a huge piece of my heart with her on 5/2/09, and Ekko, on 6/28/12



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