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Seniors Losing Weight But Not Bulk?

Guest SusanP

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When Zippy was getting her rabies shot today, her weight was the lowest it's been in a long time, only 58 lbs. We got her when she was 6, and she always used to stay at around 64 lbs, except when she lost weight due to t-storm stress. (She takes Clompiramine all summer now, and no longer loses weight due to storms) When she used to loose weight like that, we could see it--her ribs and hip bones stuck out. it was very obvious.


Zippy does not look any thinner at all--her hip bones and ribs are well covered. Is it common for seniors (she's 11) to lose a little weight because of losing muscle?


The vet didn't seem concerned, and Zippy is healthy looking and energetic, no signs of arthritis or anything. But I can't help but wonder. The vet's office claims their scale is not "off".


Do seniors get lighter while looking the same?

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Guest Energy11

I have noticed, sometimes seniors get/look a little thinner. I would say, if the vet says she is doing well, and the bloodwork say the same, all is well :-))

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Yes, it is possible - muscle is denser than fat, so it's possible for them to change the ratios of fat/muscle that they carry, and lose weight but still look the same. Does that make sense?


It won't last long though. If she continues to lose muscle, it will start to show.


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She has probably lost muscle mass but still has the fat so it doesn't look like she has lost weight.


Also, if you live with a hound every day sometimes it is hard to see that they have lost (or gained!) weight. When Mia finally started putting weight back on after she was so sick, she actually went a little too far in the other direction (from 10 lbs UNDERweight to 5 lbs OVERweight) and I couldn't actually see it until I saw her in a different environment.

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My Aggie has what I call the "senior skinnies". She's going to be 14 in Dec., still eats 4 cups of food a day plus treats and despite all still looks "skinny" to me.


We were just at the vet and bloodwork is fine so I just figure it goes along with the aging process.



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She had bloodwork done a month ago when they had to put her under to repair a wound. As far as we know, she's fine. Still races in the yard with Spinner, the 5 year old. I'm not really worried, just wondering. Maybe it's the vet's scale after all...

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