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  1. Congratulations from her SAGE sister Ellie! I feel in love with a picture at GiG and now have the most wonderful little girl so I know how you could easily fall in love with Beatrice!
  2. Nope now I'm 2blackgreys, 1fawnboy, and 1fuzzygalga
  3. I am worried already and they're not leaving till next week! I won't rest completely until I see Blasa's fuzzy little face peering out of her crate at me in JFK next Wednesday!!!
  4. Pasta and I double boil my hamburger and rinse it well.
  5. Bless you. I read the post about Cher and again thank you for always being there for the dogs.
  6. Michael, perhaps Cavan knew how much you would miss her and sent Nellie to you and Joan. The Universe has a funny way about it so you just never know what might be out there!
  7. I bought 2 bags of the Kirkland Nature's Domain on 4/25 and we're almost done 1 bag. I empty them in to containers and don't save the bags but none of the dogs or humans in the house have gotten sick. Everything I've read states that this form of Salmonella is more contagious for humans and much less so for dogs. I'm sticking with the Nature's Domain since I think the Kirkland brands were not actually contaminated but were just part of the recall since they are made at the same plant.
  8. I love my Miele! It picks up everything and with the hand little switch right on the handle you can switch between bare floors and carpet with no problems. This has been the best vacuum I've ever owned.
  9. Godspeed little Lucas and thank you for caring so much for this wayward soul.
  10. I'm so very sorry for your loss. Godspeed Ava, may you run free with the wind at the Bridge.
  11. The point of having a dog as a companion and not just something that lives in your house, IS to figure out what works for the dog. If you don't want to do that then maybe it's time to find him a home with people who will.
  12. Why would you want to raffle off a puppy to somebody you don't even know? Just because they have to become a licensed owner doesn't mean they'll be a good one!
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